As the summer is claiming her ground. The blue and the glowing days whisper you to seek golden sand surfaces and cool breezes of air. 

Life is always better at the beach. We do love Palm trees and 40 degrees.

Here are our fav's top 10 best beach cities.



10. Naples 

Beside the best opera´s and theatres, Naples hides the fine pearl sand that crawls over their beaches. If you are looking for abundance of beautiful sandy beaches and sparkling blue water, have a trip to the bays of Naples. 




09. Dubai

Crystal clear water could be found in the waves of Arabic Gulf that is sided on Dubai. Not only are they housing the greatest and tallest building in the world but they also have the perfect ingredient for the perfect beach: Sun, sand, blue sky and even more blue - the water. 



08. Lisbon 

Even with the mediteran summer temperatures the beaches of Lisbon are doing their own thing: staying pleasurable cool. The beaches in this area are calm and filled with traditional Portugese charm. 



07. Split and Dubrovnik

Split and Dubrovnik must be the beautifull twins of Croatia. Both old towns are a living museum where you can mingle with the locals. The shallow bay of sand plays an important role in the the youth of many. Undoubtedly among the inhabitants these beaches are holiest of holies.  



06. Rio de Janeiro 

While the favela kids are competing in footvolley on the sand. The beaches moulds a range of rocky islands fringed with beautifull white sand. Rio's beach has without a shadow of a doubt the most stunning settings of architectures in the world.



05. Cape Town

Take your time to breath at the glittering coastlines of Cape Town, which is known for it's jaw-dropping spectacular display of colours cast by the setting down of the sun. 



04. Nice 

Backdrop of blue sky, sparkling sea and sub tropical greenery gives Nices a glamarous reputation. Throught the years the belle époque city Nice has amazingly kept hers cultural historical styles intact for us admire.  




03. Miami

The most flaboyant city of the Sunshine State is rapidly changing. There is more to discover than golden sand en neon nights. Through variety of cultural influences Miami is satisfying shoppers, art-seekers and culinairy lovers. 



02. Barcalona 

No matter where you are in Barcelona, constantly you are surrounded by the Catalan art nouveau, modernimse, and contemporary architecture. Some of Barcelona beaches are gorgeously lapped by clear water and backed by the most pretty of hills, enchanted by coves. 



01. Sydney

Sydney stands head and shoulders above any other. Sidney's natural beauty comes from recognisable landmarkts to picturesque beaches. Everything drips off spectacular. Simply relax on sun-drenched beaches, have dinners at award-winning restaurants and climb the rooftops boars with beautifull 360 degree views.


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